We make reducing your environmental impact convenient, easy and fun

Don't call us busy, call us focused

Because this is what we are. Concentrate as much as possible to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning your home without having to worry about it, as no one likes cleaning.

We use a top scientific approach but also a good dose of irony , because it is not necessary to take ourselves seriously to be serious.

If you really want, you can find our short boring manifesto here

We tried to spare you but if you've come this far maybe you really are interested.

But who is really behind POOLITO?

In the beginning there were few people behind POOLITO, very few, technically only one person. Alessandra.

Young, female, solo entrepreneur? It seems a bit fake...

Physics graduate in Milan with a PhD in Chemistry in Melbourne, not feeling cut out for an academic career, she barely dodges the dreaded Post-Doc-Because-I-Don't-Know-What-Else-To-Do and goes back to Italy.

Also STEM graduate? Who leaves Australia to go back to Italy? Giving up surfers and kangaroos?? Of course...

We will never know whether it was the contact with other ways of approaching life and work, the difficulty of adapting to the dynamics of small Italian companies or the arrogant hope of making a contribution to society by doing something new. The fact is that at the end of 2019 Alessandra decided to found POOLITO. Just in time for the pandemic. Classic.

Well, given the level of bad luck, this part might well be true...

What else to say? Since then things have changed a bit and even if the POOLITO family is growing, one thing remains true: that the only reason why Alessandra has not yet been shipwrecked is because she continues to have around her a host of Good Friends and great Colleagues who don't give up on you, even when you give up.

And imagine if she wasn't also humble!

And if now you are really curious about insignificant details, such as what the title of her doctoral thesis - read by a full 4 people - was, here you can find her LinkedIn profile .